Pineapple Chunk

  • Name: Pineapple Chunk
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC (22-26%)

Light green buds with hints of purple and bright orange hairs. This strain has a deep musky odor that will overpower the senses. Very potent with a pronounced terpene profile and our most desired strain.

Satsuma Haze

  • Name: Satsuma Haze
  • Sativa
THC (20-24%)

Satsuma Haze is a hybrid Sativa with beautiful spherical buds and a strong, surprising orange flavor. During flush the leaves will turn magenta, making this strain one of the most unique and versatile in our lineup.

707 Truthband

  • Name: 707 Truthband
  • Sativa
THC (18-22%)

A very unique strain that is dark purple with bright orange hairs. Exceptional terpene profile, strong gasoline smell and flavor with a unique structure. Leaves turn pink during flush.

Time Wreck

  • Name: Time Wreck
  • Sativa

A high potency strain new to FDG. First THC test came back at over 28% THC with a very nice pine and pepper smell and taste. We are waiting for terpene results.